Spatial transcriptomic studies of the small intestine from WT and DDX5△IEC (KO) mice
Dataset ID: STDS0000122
9,984 Spots
32,285 Genes


Dataset information
DDX5, a DEAD box containing RNA binding protein, is involved in multiple aspects of RNA metabolism and is abundantly expressed in all subsets of the intestinal epithelial cells (IEC). Here, we characterized the DDX5-dependent transcriptome in the small intestine. In the DDX5△IEC tissue, we found that secretory IEC lineage progenitor containing spots (Atoh1hi and Sox4hi) had reduced expression of Pou2f3, a master regulator of a subset of IECs called tuft cells. As a result of the loss of Pou2f3 expression in the progenitors, DDX5△IEC tissue harbored lower number of tuft cell containing spots (Dclk1hi) compare to WT tissues.
Overall design:
One intestine tissue from each genotype were obtained from 8wk old cohoused mice. Results of ileum epithelium from DDX5鈻矷EC mutant mice were compared to those from WT mice.
10x Visium
Mus musculus(mm10)
Long, Tianyun et al. “RNA binding protein DDX5 directs tuft cell specification and function to regulate microbial repertoire and disease susceptibility in the intestine.” Gut vol. 71,9 (2022): 1790-1802. doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2021-324984
Submission date: 2021-09-21Update date: 2021-12-03
Sample number: 2

Long, Tianyun; Lemolo, Attilio; Telese, Francesca; Huang, Wendy M

GEO Series Accessions: GSE184564