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Colchicum autumnale
Colchicum autumnale
Colchicum autumnale

Wikipedia description

Colchicum autumnale, commonly known as autumn crocus, meadow saffron or naked ladies, is an autumn-blooming flowering plant that resembles the true crocuses, but is a member of the Colchicaceae plant family, unlike the true crocuses which belong to the Iridaceae family. The name "naked ladies" comes from the fact that the flowers emerge from the ground long after the leaves have died back. Despite the vernacular name of "meadow saffron", this plant is not the source of saffron, which is obtained from the saffron crocus, Crocus sativus – and that plant too is sometimes called "autumn crocus".

The species is commonly cultivated as an ornamental in temperate areas, in spite of its toxicity.

Scientific classification

Clade: Monocots
Order: Liliales
Family: Colchicaceae
Species: Colchicum autumnale


Sample nameSample codeTissueRNA extractorSample providerBLASTSRA dataAssembly data
NHIX-Colchicum_autumnaleNHIXbulb and shootM. MelkonianM. Melkonian
OVRB-Colchicum_autumnale-leaves_fine_rootsOVRBleaves, fine rootsM. DeyholosM. Deyholos
SFCT-Colchicum_autumnale-bulbSFCTbulbM. DeyholosM. Deyholos