1. IMonitor

This script use to analyze the immune repertoire sequenced by high throughtput sequencing.

2. IMPre

Predict BCR/TCR Germline Genes and Alleles.

3. IMisc

Identifing the disease associated clones, classifing two groups using these clones, and evaluating it performance by cross-validation from two group's (control && case) immune repertoire data.


1. [PIRD Handbook.PDF]

Instructions for Using the Database.

2. [IRF-V1.0.docx]

IRF(V1.0, immune repertoire format) is the specification of the immune repertoire secondary data file. Which is also the format that secondary data should be followed before its submission to this database.

3. [TBAdb-specification.docx]

Description of the manually curated database of T- and B-cell receptors with known antigen specificities in the database.