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Pediastrum duplex
Pediastrum duplex
Pediastrum duplex

Wikipedia description

Pediastrum duplex is a type species of fresh water green algae in the genus pediastrum.

They form nonmotile coenobia (colonies) with a fixed number of cells. These coenobia are flat and have a circular shape. The cell bodies are polygonal, are granulated and have horn-like projections. They reproduce these autocolonies asexually. The colonies usually contain 8 to 32 cells, with examples of 4, 64 or 128 occurring rarely.

Scientific classification

Clade: Green Algae
Order: Chlorococcales
Family: Hydrodictyaceae
Species: Pediastrum duplex


Sample nameSample codeTissueRNA extractorSample providerBLASTSRA dataAssembly data
This sample is NOT available in BLAST service, because it was identified as mislabeled and/or contaminated and not analyzed for the 1KP publication [Nature 574, 679–685 (2019)]. Its data was released nonetheless as some find even these data useful. More information is given at [GigaScience 8, giz126 (2019)], including estimates of which particular sequences might be problematic.
algal cellsBGITao Chen--
XKWQ-Pediastrum_duplex-CCAC_0012XKWQalgal cellsM. MelkonianM. Melkonian
XTON-Pediastrum_duplex-CCAC_0147XTONalgal cellsM. MelkonianM. Melkonian