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Hydrangea quercifolia
Hydrangea quercifolia
Hydrangea quercifolia

Wikipedia description

Hydrangea quercifolia, commonly known by its translation oakleaf hydrangea or oak-leaved hydrangea, is a species of flowering plant native to the Southeastern United States, in woodland habitats from North Carolina west to Tennessee, and south to Florida and Louisiana. A deciduous shrub with white showy flower heads, it is a commonly grown garden plant. Numerous cultivars are available commercially.

Scientific classification

Clade: Core Eudicots/Asterids
Order: Cornales
Family: Hydrangeaceae
Species: Hydrangea quercifolia


Sample nameSample codeTissueRNA extractorSample providerBLASTSRA dataAssembly data
ZETY-Hydrangea_quercifoliaZETYemerging leavesJ. Leebens-MackJ. Leebens-Mack