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Colpomenia sinuosa
Colpomenia sinuosa
Colpomenia sinuosa

Wikipedia description

Colpomenia sinuosa, the oyster thief or sinuous ballweed, is a brown alga species in the genus Colpomenia. It is the type species of its genus. It is found throughout South Africa and is widespread around Australia and overseas.

C. sinuosa contains the C6-C4-C6 phenolic compound colpol.

Scientific classification

Clade: Chromista (Algae)
Order: Ectocarpales
Family: Scytosiphonaceae
Species: Colpomenia sinuosa


Sample nameSample codeTissueRNA extractorSample providerBLASTSRA dataAssembly data
QLMZ-Colpomenia_sinuosaQLMZbladesJun YuJun Yu