coRIC map
The compartmentalized RNA Interactome Capture (coRIC) map provides a subcellular map of the human RNA-binding proteome as well as an analytical framework for exploring the participating cellular pathways and interacting biomolecular networks in a spatially resolved manner.
coRIC map

C1. Cytosol, Cell junction & periphery
C2. Cytosol, Vesicle & membrane
C3. Cytosol, Cytoskeleton
C4. Endosome & lysosome
C5. Golgi membrane
N1. Nucleoplasm, nuclear speckle
N2. Nucleoplasm, PML body
N3. Nuclear membrane
N4. Chromatin, nBAF
N.O. Nucleolus
ER. Endoplasmic reticulum
MITO. Mitochondrion
CENT. Centrosome
PB. P-body
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