China National GeneBank (CNGB) joins Data Center Alliance and Open Data Center Committee

September 18, 2017Big data

In September 2017, the China National GeneBank (CNGB) joined the Data Center Alliance as a member of the board of directors and fulfilled the responsibilities of associate members. Xun Xu, the executive director of CNGB and dean of BGI serves as the director of the Alliance, who will give priority to the work of the alliance infrastructure working group, IT equipment working group, internet security working group, international cooperation committee and so on, and gradually extend to other work.

At the same time, the CNGB will join the Open Data Center Committee (ODCC), which will fully participate in all working groups of the Alliance and gradually improve the standardization of the construction and development of the CNGB. Joining domestic and foreign scientific research organizations and standardization agencies and participating in related projects will promote and support the rapid development of the CNGB, and will help to create and transfer transferable technology standards to the unique technologies in the life sciences field, and also accelerate the integration of BT and IT, build a broader development platform for cross-disciplinary talents.