The latest upgrades to CNSA: large capacity, batch submission, easy to hold your sequencing data

October 11, 2018CNGB Nucleotide Sequence Archive

Recently, the CNGB Nucleotide Sequence Archive (CNSA) has undergone a major upgrade. The batch submission function of sequencing data that many users are eagerly awaiting is finally realized for the first time in China. From now on, CNSA can not only complete data submission several times faster than before, but also greatly improve the operating experience.

With the development of biotechnology, a large number of biological research data have been produced. The massive achievement need to be shared, bring data security management and efficient transmission bottlenecks. CNSA established by China National GeneBank, built for the big data of life science, will solve the problems completely.

1 Solve the problem of local data submission

As a researcher, there is often a need to publish articles in authoritative scientific journals. When you submit sequencing data in advance, do you often encounter such problems?

  • The submission process of international public database is complex and may require repeated communication changes if problems arise;
  • Only English interfaces and services affect the efficiency of submission and communication to a certain extent;
  • Data is transmitted very slowly across borders, with 5TB of data going to be transmitted for 2-3 months, which takes a lot of valuable time.

As a result, the data submission is time-consuming and laborious, which not only makes many researchers feel overwhelmed, but also has other hidden dangers such as sensitive data outflow.

CNGB Nucleotide Sequence Archive

CNSA released on October 25, 2017. With the recognition and support of many researchers, CNSA has supported more than 700 scientific research projects with a total archived data volume of nearly 600TB.

The CNSA system is easy to operate, supports high-speed upload and download, and provides domestic localized storage space for genomics data. In addition, CNGB systematically optimizes and enhances both information security management and technology, which has passed the three-level review of information security level protection and the protection capability review of trusted cloud service, providing powerful information security protection for data storage.

Information security

2 omnipotent platform to promote global information sharing

CNSA is dedicated to facilitating the storage and sharing of sequencing data, providing researchers worldwide with the most comprehensive data and information resources, and making it easier and more in-depth for researchers to access and use data. In order to fully meet the various needs of biological researchers for data, achieve complete archive of data from generation, submission, synchronization, search to download, and ensure the integrity of scientific research results, CNSA can not only archive data, but also provide other important services:

  • Backup of large volumes of data;
  • Data-controlled management, whether the data is public or not can be set at the time of submission;
  • When submitting data, you can choose to synchronize to an international public database (NCBI or ENA);
  • Ultra-fast download of massive public data files;
  • Publish articles can reference to the CNSA accession number;
  • A search engine that supports billions of data, with second level response.

Note: At present, CNSA does not accept relevant data covered by the Human Genetic Resources Regulations

3 Support the DOI index and publication of scientific research results

In addition to the above features, CNSA has a significant advantage, which can be identified using the DOI (Digital Object Identifier). At present, CNGB has become one of the first organizations to cooperate with the British Library on DataCite services and is the first data center in Asia to participate in the project. The use of unique DOI numbers to identify the data generated by scientific research and facilitate the retrieval, tracking and reference of data, can improve its exposure and citation rate, and will greatly facilitate the establishment of data sharing and sharing evaluation system.

CNSA follows the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (INSDC) standard and the DataCite standard, and accepts sequencing data (including raw data and other supporting data) from around the world. Its data submission service can be used as a supplement to the literature publishing process to support early data sharing. CNSA will support the publication of global scientific research results, realize data sharing for different research types and scales, improve the reproducibility of scientific research results, and promote new discoveries in science and technology.

4 Batch submission, do more with less

In order to better meet the needs of large-scale data submission, the CNSA system has undergone a major upgrade. CNSA has realized the online batch submission function of nucleotide sequence archive system for the first time in China. At the same time, it also optimizes the operation experience. The submission process is clearer and consumes less time, so you can easily upload and archive large amounts of data.

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