CNGB Imputation Service released based on trusted computing environment


Genotype imputation has become a standard tool in genome-wide association studies because it enables researchers to inexpensively approximate whole-genome sequence data from genome-wide single-nucleotide polymorphism array data. Genotype imputation increases statistical power, facilitates fine mapping of causal variants, and plays a key role in meta-analyses of genome-wide association studies. However, with the increasing global attention to the security of genomic data (including both the security of papulation genomic information and personal privacy), the need to process human genomic data using encrypted trusted execution environment is becoming more and more urgent.

Recently, the CNGB Imputation Service ( independently developed by China National GeneBank based on SGX trusted execution environment was officially launched and made available in China National GeneBank DataBase (CNGBdb). The CNGB Imputation Service which is the first genotype imputation tool in China that balances computational efficiency, platform and users’ data security, aims to provide users with free and secure Next-generation sequencing genotype imputation service.