GeMap - Human omics-scale annotation system

Documentation v1.0.1

GeMap is a comprehensive genomic database. At present, it integrates 6 data resources including 1000 genomes data, dbSNP (b146, downloaded 2015-12-31), EnsEMBL (GRCh38, Release 83), GWAS catalog (v1.0.1, downloaded 2015-12-15), CpG island region data and repeat region data. The database is provided as a data portal of search and visualization service, with displaying statistics, detail infomation of variation and the related data between populations, data source, etc.

GeMap is continually updated with more trusted data resource. For a purpose of better reference and infomation discovery, in the future, the database will be developed with feature with data analysis, personal data integration, etc.

Search service

Search panel is provided in all pages except this document page you are reading. In home page, the search component is visible for input, while in other page, you need to click the button to show it. Keywords like gene symbol, rs id, disease name and variation position are accepted for the text input field. The more keywords are given, the query condition would be more strict, and the less query results will be returned. When there is only one entry returned for your searching, the database will lead you into the detail page of the entry directly.

Add a keyword
Home page: After typing keyword in the query input, press enter button of your keyboard or click the button before the input field to add the query word.
Other page: Use comma as the keyword separator please.

Delete a keyword
Home page: Move your mouse to the existing keyword, the times marker will appear. Click it to delete the related keyword.
Other page: I believe that you know how to do it.

Country map and the detail page

In home page, you can move your mouse to a country of the world map to see the related statistics of the country. You can also click the country to get into the detail page.

In detail page of country, the detail statistics of the related population and data source is provided.

Histograms on the chromosomes show the distrubution of genes. All the chromosomes are clickable for interaction with the genome browser. The genome browser provides data visualization for different level of the related chromosome. Operation panel allows user control the behavior of the browser, like moving the view of the genome region forward or backword, zooming in or out, region selecting, browser resetting, adding or deleting feature tracks, etc.

Variation detail page

In the variation detail page, the detail infomation are provded. This page also provides a genome browser.