Data Policy

Data Sharing Policy

We welcome projects that propose to make use of the data generated by Fish-T1K, only if they are related directly to scientific research and public education. However, there are some inevitable limitations and constraints. We recommend contacting the Fish-T1K leadership directly to consult about specific proposals and uses of the data. See our Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) for more detail.

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

The tissues/RNA will be used for generating transcriptomes using RNA-seq technology. The transcriptome sequences will be used to address specific questions related to special adaptations/phenotypes or to resolve phylogenetic relationships among fishes. A list of core research projects has been defined to guide the choice of taxa and tissues to be sequenced (Fish-T1K projects).

The Fish-T1K consortium recognizes the need for collaborators to be appropriately acknowledged for their scientific contribution and effort in data generation. Collaborators who provide fish tissues may have access to transcriptomic data shortly after they are sequenced, but are expected to disclose their plans for using the new data. Under these conditions, they will have priority to use the data, except to address any of the planned Fish-T1K projects.

Collaborators who significantly contribute to data generation, analysis or experimental design will be included in the list of authors of papers originating from this project. The sequences generated from Fish-T1K will be released to the public domain with the publication of these papers.