F & Q
CNGB Global Application (CGA) is a unified platform for biological big data sharing and application service. Based on underlying big data and cloud computing, it provides a variety of services including convenient submission and storage, automatic archive and management, full retrieval and download, and intelligent computing of biological data. The database is freely available to all, which will promote the effective use of data and the development of life sciences and bioindustry.
CGA accepts biological data such as projects, samples, experiments, raw data, assembly, other supporting data, sequence variations and annotated sequences. Submitting data to CNSA represents that you have acquiesced to the open data protocol. If the data is ethical issues involved, you should send the corresponding ethical materials to datasubs@cngb.org for review and backup.
There are four portals, including CNGB Nucleotide Sequence Archive (CNSA), CNGB Variation Archive (CNVA), CNGB Annotated Sequences Archive (CACA) and GigDB. Data of projects, samples, experiments, raw data, and support data can be submitted to the CNSA. Questions about the raw data and support data submission can be found in the following link. https://db.cngb.org/cnsa/help/. The submission flows of the CNVA and CACA are developing.
Currently, with respect to open data, only the ENA Accession ID can be used as a reference for articles, etc. The CNSA ID is currently only available for data archiving administration of China National GeneBank and users for data query retrieval.
With the full-text search engine on the home page of CGA, users can search with any combined keywords, obtain the retrieval results quickly, locate and download the related data.
Users can download data on the Download page via the downloadable database link to the FTP site or recommend download tools.
If submitters need to synchronize the data to ENA, they should send the electronic copy of ethical approvals to datasubs@cngb.org for review and backup. If the data is related to the collection, sale, export and exit approval of human genetic resources, they should send an electronic copy of the approval document of the relevant department for the Administration of Human Genetic Resources (region or country with Measures for the Administration of Human Genetic Resources only) to datasubs@cngb.org for review and backup. Please also notify the data administrator of the corresponding project and other data information.
Combined with data types and processing methods, CGA uses the corresponding technologies and management measures to ensure different levels of security.
Submitters can control the data information disclosure by setting up release date in each CGA data module. The controlled time limits to two years by default. If the controlled time is more than two years, submitters should manually modify the time before it is about to expire. If it is expired, the modification is forbidden and the data will be released automatically.
Please contact us if any problem or suggestion. Email: datasubs@cngb.org Address: China National GeneBank, Jinsha Road, Dapeng District, Shenzhen, China Tel: 0755-33945586