Get started

Click "Data" at the upper left corner of Home Page to jump to Data Filter Page.

Filter Data with Clinical Info

Tick check boxes according to the method you want to analyse data: one to visualize single data type of single sample cluster, and two to compare same type of two sample clusters or two data types of same sample cluster.

Select values of clinical items, differnce values will be marked with red background color if both two ondition groups are ticked.

Select values of data type items, you must select all of three items(Data Type, Data Format, Tissue Type) one by one before click the analysis button.

Please make a attention to sample statistics number when change clinical items, we cannot do next action if no sample is found. And samples would be filtered randomly depending on the computational complexity.

Filter Data with Gene

Type any interesting gene in the blank, and then tick the check box to enable them. This step is optional and genes would be filtered randomly depending on the computational complexity.

Click this button to select an analytic tool, the label would change depending on how many ondition groups ticked.

Select Tool and Adjust Parameters

System will list available tools for you according to the data type you selected. Sometimes tools have some parameters can be adjusted. Mouse over the "i" sign to check meaning of current parameter.

Click run to start analysing job.

Wait and come back

Now system is busy for your job, it would take a moment. You can write down this Job ID and close this page, type it into Search Box at Home Page to check state later.

Make sure the search type is "JOB", type Job ID into the blank and click the search button.


We value your feedback. Type any opinion and click the sumbit button to help us to do better.

To re-filter data or download results please click those buttons, we prepared the publish-suited format results for you.