ACMG Classification System for Germline Variants in Cancer

ACMG Classification System is a software tool based on 2015 ACMG guideline specifically for germline variants in herediatary cancer, aiming to aid clinical explanation of germline variants in genes related with cancer.
Refer to this page for more information about 2015 ACMG guideline.
Disclaimer: the explanation provided by this system can only be used as an aid information, which need be taken with caution.

  • Genomic version
  • * Please select the genomic version:
  • Search by genomic coordinate
  • Chr:

    Format: Chromosome:Position:Ref>Alt
    Notes: one variant per line, case insensitive, maximum 10 lines.
    Example1: 1:155209747:A>C

  • Search by dbSNP ID
  • rs:

    Format: the Number part of a dbSNP ID
    Notes: the updated version is SNP150, maximum 10 lines.
    Example1: 730881285

  • Search by cDNA change
  • Gene:
    cDAN change: c.

    Format: gene symbol + transcript + cDNA change
    Notes: please assure your format conform to HGVS standard, maximum 10 lines.
    Examples for cDNA change with ATM: NM_000051,c.T6122C

  • Upload VCF file
  • Format: Refer to this page for detailed explanation of VCF file
    Notes: the maximum size of VCF file is 10M;
    Result will be returned in about 5-10 minutes.