This is the FAQ from the DHGV. This list of questions is not exhaustive.

If you have any other questions you can’t find the answer, please email to ask.

What types of human variants are included in DHGV?

Up to now, only indels and SNPs are collected in this database. For these variants, both bi-allelic and muti-allelic SNPs and indels are included.

Are the variants in DHGV in dbSNP?

No. Not all variants are included in the database of dbSNP because of new callings. If you want to get the frequency information of some novel variants, please locate the variants by physical position.

Can I get the phenotype information from DHGV?

For data in DHGV, duo to the freely available nature of the data, most phenotypes wasn’t collected for most of the samples. Only age and sex can be found for part of the samples. However, all samples are healthy at the time of collection.

Do I need permission to use the DHGV data in my own scientific research?

The current version only provides the searching for any human genetic variations and the results can be freely used in your scientific studies. In the following version, we will open the limited permission for qualified applicants to download the variation data.

Do I need a password to access the DHGV data?

Up to now, all DHGV data is freely available without password. However, if you want to submit your own data to DHGV, you should get an account with a password to login in.

How can I get the allele frequency of specific population that my own variants belongs to?

We have calculated all the allele frequency by different human population, you can firstly find the population that your samples belongs to and then to selected your aim population at the search option to display the frequency you want to.