The DHGV runs in 2016, collecting the largest public catalogue of human genetic variation, especially for Chinese populations. Up to now, the database has collected over 170 million human variants identified from more than 10,000 individuals. This database will continue to collect more and more human variants and heartily welcome your personal genetic variations. The maintaining and updating of the database is funded by BGI at Shenzhen.

The main goal of DHGV is to provide the most comprehensive information of human genetic variants, especially the Chinese populations, to any persons who have the interests. The current version firstly presents the calculating of allele frequencies based on different requirements, such as population, sex, research projects, and so forth. Our data services will help scientists to mine and use the data much more efficiently. This freely available data and services will advance the studies of human evolution, genetic diseases and other human genetics, and also lay a foundation for the following application of precision medicine.

Overview by country