Data Access Guide

China National GeneBank DataBase (CNGBdb) (hereinafter referred to as “platform” / “CNGBdb”) is a unified platform built by China National GeneBank (CNGB) for biological big data sharing and application services to the research community.

At the same time, the platform also supports the application of sample resources at CNGBdb’s biological resources sharing platform (E-BioBank) which brings together samples from CNGB and other collaborative institutions.

I. Process for Data Access(see Figure 1)

A. Register / Login

Before access to any data, the Users (hereinafter referred to as “Data applicant” / “you”) need to register / login and fill in the applicant information. Please read carefully the “Terms and Conditions”,“Privacy and Security Policy”,“User Instructions”,“Sample and Data Sharing Principle”, “CNSA Handbook”, “FAQ” and this “Data Access Guide”.

We may revise the above policies and guidelines from time to time, and by continuing to access or use the services of CNGBdb after those changes become effective, you agreed to be bounded by the revised CNGBdb policies and guidelines.

B. Data Access

i. Public Data, Controlled Data, and Private Data

a) Please search for data of interest on CNGBdb, and get the CNSA project accession:CNPxxxxxxx.

b) The Public Data is displayed on CNGBdb and opens to the world. Users can access or use it freely at CNGBdb. The Controlled Data, that is, the metadata (project, sample, experiment / run, and variant) is public and the data files are controlled which can be applied to access by other registered users. The Private Data is not displayed on CNGBdb and cannot be accessed by no one.

ii. Application for Controlled Data access

a) Please download the “Controlled Data Application Form” (“application form”) by clicking “CNGB data access” in the navigation bar.

b) Please fill in the form carefully, and ensure that all information (including but not limited to the given information) involved in the application and any documents / materials sent to CNGBdb have been strictly reviewed.

c) Once completed the application, an electronic form (in DOC / DOCX version), a signed and sealed copy of this application by you and your authorized institutional representative, and the required materials (ex: ethic approval letters) must be e-mailed to as soon as possible.

d) The signed and sealed copy will be transferred to Data Submitter (refers to the users who submitted data to CNGBdb) by CNGBdb.

e) Data Submitter will review your application and determine whether to accept your application.

f) The platform will notify you via e-mail whether the application is accepted. Once the application has been approved by Data Submitter, you can access and download data via CNGBdb.

iii. Initial Time Limit to Controlled Data Access

a) Please note that, the initial time limit for the platform to provide and open-up Controlled Data for Data Applicants is set by Data Submitter. To extend the period of use, a signed and sealed copy of written instructions (signed by you and the authorized institutional responsibility) should be send to CNGBdb [email: ] by you. After being approved by Data Submitter and the platform, the platform will extend the applied Controlled Data usage period according to Data Submitter’s instructions.

b) According to the Regulations, if the Data Submitter accept to provide the submitted HGR information to any foreign entities via CNGBdb or making HGR information available to the general public, a security review SHOULD be organized if it may affect public health, national security or the public interest, and Data Submitter NEED to provide to CNGBdb with the record-filing form※;

c) In relation to the external provision of HGR information, the initial period and the extended total period to access this Controlled Data shall not exceed the corresponding period for external provision of HGR information specified in the “record-filing form” provided by Data Submitter. If the time limit is exceeded, CNGBdb will refuse or suspend the access and / or use of this Controlled Data, and will contact Data Submitter to confirm the period of the external provision of HGR information.

d) If the recordation for external provision of HGR information is terminated or revoked by MoST, the Data Submitter will immediately notify CNGBdb ( day when the administrative license is revoked, or the recordation is terminated. CNGBdb has the right to take corresponding measures (including but not limited to immediately suspend the service, terminate the service or delete the corresponding information, etc.) when receiving the notice or discovering the aforementioned situation through other ways.


Human Genetic Resources (HGR) Information:

According to the Regulation of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of Human Genetic Resources, the term “human genetic resources (HGR)” includes the human genetic resources materials and human genetic resources information. The term “HGR materials” means genetic materials such as organs, tissues and cells which contain human genomes, genes and other genetic substances. The term “HGR information” means information materials such as data generated from the utilization of HGR materials.

Record-filing form:

If any HGR information involved in, the Data Submitter SHOULD provide CNGBdb with MoST’s (China’s Ministry of Science and Technology) Human Genetic Resource Administration record-filing form (hereinafter referred to as “record-filing form”), complying with the relevant Administrative regulations on Chinese human genetic resources (including but not limited to “The Regulation of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of Human Genetic Resources”).

C. Data Access Flowchart

Figure 1 Data Access Flowchart

II. Updates

CNGBdb reserves the right to update this “Data Access Guide” from time to time in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and the needs of CNGBdb operation and management. The latest version will be released on the CNGBdb official website. If you disagree to the changes made by CNGBdb to the “Data Access Guide”, you have the right to stop using the relevant services provided by CNGBdb and notify CNGBdb in writing. If you continue to use our services after the updated version is released, it means that you accept the updated content.

III. Contact Us

In case you have any questions regarding the submission of your application, please contact CNGBdb:

i. E-mail to

ii. TEL:0755-33945586

iii. Address: China National GeneBank (CNGB), Jinsha Road, Dapeng District, Shenzhen, China