ADD: Agriculture BioDiversity Database

Agriculture BioDiversity Database (ADD) is a database integrated with data from agricultural genome projects and knowledges of different species, which provides a platform with a user-friendly interface for the agricultural researchers.

ADD provides a visualized taxonomy structure to organize the integrated information and also a searching service. At present, the database archives description, image, reference, genomic data and available gene structure and function annotation of each agriculture-related species, especially plants. In the future, on-line analysis tools will be added, and the content of the database will be expanded to transcriptome, SNP, and related microorganism. As its name, ADD, we all hope it can be more abundant in information and more helpful to agriculture researchers. So that we highly welcome cooperations to reveal the stories of new species and dig into the sequenced species, for a better understanding of the agriculture.


Note: you can enter Species(eg. Ananas comosus,Arachis duranensis), Gene(eg. XP_020079640.1_ANACOM,NP_001310766.1_ARADUR) as keyword.

BGI Sequenced Species


The 10,000 plants (tenKP or 10KP) aims to sequence over 10,000 genomes representing every major clade of plants and eukaryotic microbes. This project would generate large-scale plant genome data within the next five years (2017-2022), addressing fundamental questions about plant evolution.

Marine Life Genome Database (MLGD) is an on-line database aiming to provide a comprehensive knowledge and analysis for the genome of marine lives. We collected the genome, transcriptome and proteome data and information of the marine species that has been sequenced and published so far. These information are organized based on the taxonomy of marine lives and each specie can be searched and viewed in the taxon tree.

Fish-T1K (Transcriptomes of 1,000 fishes) project was officially launched by BGI in November 2013, with the aim of generating genome-wide transcriptome sequences for 1,000 diverse species of fishes using RNA-seq.