SOTA: Soybean Organ Transcriptomic Atlas

Soybean is an important crop to provide plant protein and oil for human beings and livestock. Revealing the spatial and temporal expression of soybean genes is critical for the understanding of its organ development. Thus, we constructed this database, Soybean Organ Transcriptomic Atlas (SOTA), to host and present the snRNA-seq and Stereo-seq data we generated for the five representative soybean organs (root, nodule, shoot apical meristem, leaf, and stem). SOTA provides download access to the data, online presentation and exploration of the cell clustering and annotation results of both the single cell/nucleus sequencing data and the spatial transcriptome sequencing data, as well as 3D models of root and nodule with gene expression to be shown in spatial positions. This database can facilitate exploring gene expressions and cell types, making it a valuable resource for accelerating future soybean research and breeding.