If you want upload the pathogen identification data, you should use the ftp to upload the identification data. We have good experience with lftp on unix: and FileZilla on Windows/Mac:

1  you could enter the 『Microbes Identification』page, then fill the uploader information. The default login user need to confirm or fill the E-mail information. The identification system will notice the user by E-mail at the beginning and end of the identification jobs. When you're done, click the 『Next』 button to save and go to the 『Sample Info』page. Note: * is required fields which completed will change to *. And the remaining items are optional. 

2  When you enter the 『Sample Info』page, please fill the the sample information of the upload data. And user needs to provide the file name and file’s MD5 information for data file verification. When you're done, click the 『Next』button to save and review all the information you filled. Note:* is required fields which completed will change to *. And the remaining items are optional.

3  Enter the 『Overview』page, you can check the upload data information. And you can get the ftp address and login account to upload identification data. Then you can upload your data for identification. The system will refresh and check the file’s MD5 timely. The system will carry out pathogen identification analysis automatically and sent an E-mail notification to the user until the file is correct. If the information on the overview page is incorrect, you can click 『1.Submitter』or 『2.Sample Info』to enter the related pages to change it. Conversely, if the information is correct, click the 『Finish』button to complete the data information submission.

4  The user could enter 『Identification Job』page to check the jobs’ information and status. When the identification analysis is completed, the system will send an e-mail to notify the user. If the task’s status is 『Finish』, click 『Finish』 to enter the 『Identification Results』page to view the details.