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Translation is an essential step in gene expression that directly shapes the proteome, contributing to cellular structure, function, and activity in all organisms. A much better tell-tale for gene translation is the translatome consisting of ribosome-protected footprints, which indicate mRNAs being in the process of translation. Although several techniques are developed specifically for the acquisition of the translatome information, ribosome profiling (Ribo-Seq) in comparison to other techniques (eg. Polysomal profiling) has unique advantages that enables genome-wide investigation in vivo of translation with subcodon resolution. The increasing application of Ribo-Seq in recent years has achieved remarkable progress toward understanding the composition, regulation and mechanism of translation. This benefits from not only the awesome power of Ribo-Seq but also an extensive range of computational resources available for ribosome profiling. At present, however, the tedious process of data processing and diversity of tool candidates raise the bar for the translatome research. Therefore, in order to facilitate users enjoying greater benefits from Ribo-Seq, we here provide a cloud-based translatome workbench to allow effortless analysis of Ribo-Seq data in an automatic manner for experienced bioinformaticians, as well for wet-lab biologists with minimum bioinformatics knowledge.

How it works


First, upload the required analysis data to Translatome Workbench.


The analysis process is then customised by mouse clicks. Use the default pipeline and parameters or edit according to your preference.


Finally, please keep the job ID in a safe place and download all the analysis results via the job ID when the task is completed. If you fill in the email, you will received an email while job is completed.