H e l i c o b a c t e r    p y l o r i    t y p i n g    t o o l s
Public database for Helicobacter pylori genomic typing
Paste in your genome to query against the database. Query sequences will be checked first for an exact match against the genome database. The nearest partial matches will be identified if an exact match is not found. Click 'Demo' for testing.
HpTT is a genomic typing tool based on SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) of bacterial pathogens, which can facilitate not only H. pylori isolates, but also other pathogens that highly related to the public health. The updated HpTT version2 is on the way. If you are interested in our epidemiological surveillance tools, or would like to do a typing web tool on your interested pathogens, please contact us by emailing: Xiaosen JIANG (jiangxiaosen@bgi.com) & Zheng XU (xuzheng@genomics.cn). Please click the user guide for the instruction of the tools.