Laser Microdissection-Mediated Isolation of Butterfly Wing Tissue for Spatial Transcriptomics.


The assignment of specific patterns of gene expression to specific cells in a complex tissue facilitates the connection between genotype and phenotype. Single-cell sequencing of whole tissues produces single-cell transcript resolution but lacks the spatial information of the derivation of each cell, whereas techniques such as multiplex FISH localize transcripts to specific cells in a tissue but require a priori information of the target transcripts to examine. Laser dissection of tissues followed by transcriptome analysis is an efficient and cost-effective technique that provides both unbiased gene expression discovery together with spatial information. Here, we detail a laser dissection protocol for total RNA extraction from butterfly larval and pupal wing tissues, without the need of paraffin embedding or the use of a microtome, that could be useful to researchers interested in the transcriptome of specific areas of the wing during development. This protocol can bypass difficulties in extracting high quality RNA from thick fixed tissues for sequencing applications.


Spatial Transcriptomics
Bicyclus anynana
laser microdissection
spatial transcriptomics
wing sectors


Banerjee, Tirtha Das
Tian, Shen
Monteiro, Antόnia