Genome-wide analysis of spatiotemporal expression patterns during rice leaf development.
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Rice leaves consist of three distinct regions along a proximal-distal axis, namely the leaf blade, sheath, and blade-sheath boundary region. Each region has a unique morphology and function, but the genetic programs underlying the development of each region are poorly understood. To fully elucidate rice leaf development and discover genes with unique functions in rice and grasses, it is crucial to explore genome-wide transcriptional profiles during the development of the three regions. In this study, we performed microarray analysis to profile the spatial and temporal patterns of gene expression in the rice leaf using dissected parts of leaves sampled in broad developmental stages. The dynamics in each region revealed that the transcriptomes changed dramatically throughout the progress of tissue differentiation, and those of the leaf blade and sheath differed greatly at the mature stage. Cluster analysis of expression patterns among leaf parts revealed groups of genes that may be involved in specific biological processes related to rice leaf development. Moreover, we found novel genes potentially involved in rice leaf development using a combination of transcriptome data and in situ hybridization, and analyzed their spatial expression patterns at high resolution. We successfully identified multiple genes that exhibit localized expression in tissues characteristic of rice or grass leaves. Although the genetic mechanisms of leaf development have been elucidated in several eudicots, direct application of that information to rice and grasses is not appropriate due to the morphological and developmental differences between them. Our analysis provides not only insights into the development of rice leaves but also expression profiles that serve as a valuable resource for gene discovery. The genes and gene clusters identified in this study may facilitate future research on the unique developmental mechanisms of rice leaves.


Blade-sheath boundary
In situ hybridization
Leaf blade
Leaf development
Leaf sheath

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Gene Expression Regulation, Plant
Plant Leaves
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Miya, Masayuki
Yoshikawa, Takanori
Sato, Yutaka
Itoh, Jun-Ichi

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