Tissue-specific expression pattern of calcium-dependent protein kinases-related kinases (CRKs) in rice.
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Calcium-dependent protein kinases-related kinases (CDPK-related kinases; CRKs) are Ser/Thr kinases that bind with Ca2+/Calmodulin and play crucial roles in signal transduction pathways during plant growth, development, and responses to multiple stresses. In this study, we have studied detailed organ and tissue-specific expression patterns of rice CRK genes. Our organ-specific RT-PCR analyzes show the differential expression pattern of these genes in various organs of rice. Moreover, our RNA-RNA in situ hybridization study in rice stem base containing developing crown root primordia demonstrates that the expression of CRK genes is spatially restricted to the developing crown root primordia, suggesting their putative role in protein phosphorylation-dependent cellular signaling during rice crown root development. Furthermore, organ-specific differentially expression pattern of CRK genes during floral organogenesis further support for the organ-specific cell signaling during organogenesis. Thus, our study provides a developmentally regulated expression pattern of rice CRK genes, though they are broadly expressed and a basic foundation for functional characterizations of CRK gene members to unravel their specific functions during plant growth and development.


Gene Expression
Oryza sativa
in situ hybridization
crown root primordia

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Gene Expression Regulation, Plant
In Situ Hybridization
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Yadav, Akhilesh
Garg, Tushar
Singh, Harshita
Yadav, Shri Ram

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