Highly Multiplexed Single-Cell Protein Profiling with Large-Scale Convertible DNA-Antibody Barcoded Arrays.
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Highly multiplexed detection of proteins secreted by single cells is always challenging. Herein, a multiplexed in situ tagging technique based on single-stranded DNA encoded microbead arrays and multicolor successive imaging for assaying single-cell secreted proteins with high throughput and high sensitivity is presented. This technology is demonstrated to be capable of increasing the multiplexity exponentially. Upon integration with polydimethylsiloxane microwells, this platform is applied to detect ten immune effector proteins from differentiated single macrophages stimulated with lipopolysaccharide. Significant heterogeneity is observed when the derived human primary macrophages are analyzed. This versatile technology is expected to open new opportunities in systems biology, immune regulation studies, signaling analysis, and molecular diagnostics.


DNA encoding
barcoded arrays
protein detection
single‐cell measurements


Zhao, Peng
Bhowmick, Sirsendu
Yu, Jianchao
Wang, Jun

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