Min and Max must be non-negative integer.
Min and Max must be non-negative integer.
Min and Max must be non-negative float.
Required. Please input nucleotide sequence or aminoacid sequence.
Search a CDR3 sequence of TCR or BCR in TBAdb.
Search scope is 1 to 9

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BLAST retrieval instruction

Retrieve examples

Taking the amino acid sequence search as an example, we first found the amino acid sequence of a high frequency CDR3 clone from the SLE project: CASSDWGNTEAFF, and the next step is retrieval through BLASTP.

The first step: Before querying a sequence, you should select the database used for comparison, the operating interface on the right side of the page is used to select a searching database, Here, you should choose " PIRD" at the Project dropdown box.

The second step: select the database search results by clicking on the PIRDdb button in the Result box.

The third step: Enter the sequence to be queried, select the comparison parameters for BLAST, and then submit the task.

The fourth step: waiting for BLASTP comparison results, after the completion of the task, a notification mail will be received.

The fifth steps: Check your comparison results. In the detailed information, you can see the sequence information with high matching degree.