WARNING: https://pods.iplantcollaborative.org/wiki/display/iptol/Sample+source+and+purity summarizes all known problems with sample identity and purity. You should cross-check any samples that you used against this website.


Update news

New Interfaces

New user interfaces have been created for the latest released OneKP Blast. For a good user experience, we have greatly changed page layout, background color, contents and functions.

New Subject Sequence Operations

New operations on subject sequence have been set for OneKP Blast running. One or more subject sequences must be selected from "Tree View" on the left of BLAST running panel. Reference samples will be sent to "Subject Sequence" from "Tree View" by clicking "Get Sample into Subject".

Note: "Query Sequence" supports the sequence(s) in FASTA format, and "Subject Sequence" just supports the reference sample(s) in "Tree View" now.

New Job Management Interface

There is a new job running list for each OneKP Blast submit, which includes the information about id, date, tool, status, seconds, output, etc.

Id : the Blast job id. When error occurs, the id will be reported.

Date : the date that Blast job be submitted.

Tool : the tool that Blast job uses.

Status : the status of Blast job. If job is finished, the record will be cancelled.

Seconds : the total time that the current job uses.

Output : Blast job output results, which can be downloaded, viewed by clicking "BlastOut", and visualized by clicking "MapView".

Operation : Job can be stopped or cancelled by clickingDelete.

Add MapView Tool

MapView attempts to create a C# component that can be used to create and edit the graphic elements interactively. We have integrated Blast output (only supports "tabular" and "tabular with comment lines" Alignment View Options) with MapView successfully in the latest released OneKP Blast.

Sample Details Display

Sample details can be found by clicking the button in "Species List" from "SPECIES" navigation. All of the sample detailed descriptions come from Wikipedia.

Sample Search Support

Sample and sequence search are available for the latest released OneKP Blast.

Function introduction

MapView for OneKP

The MapView of the latest released OneKP Blast now only supports the "tabular(*.m8)" and "tabular with comment lines(*.m9)" Alignment View Options. For the output visualization, OneKP Blast user should set "Alignment View Options" correctly in "Blast Parameter" before running Blast job.

Alignment Result Details

OneKP Blast operates from one subject sequence to another. Finally, all of the Blast outputs will be merged into one file. So the BlastOut will display the Blast result of the first subject sequence, then the second, and so on.

About Download File

The output results of OneKP Blast can be downloaded as TXT file with the "blast.out.m*" filename for users. So it can be viewed by Notepad, Sublime Text , etc.

Error report

Error Message Report

This website is created and maintained by China National GeneBank. If you have any questions in Blast running, please contact us: weixiaofeng@genomics.cn.

Note: The messages of "user name","job id",and "error descriptions" should be included in your message feedback.